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    Investments in Africa

  • AngolaThe possibilities of investing in Africa and Poland's cooperation with African states was discussed on 28 May, on the grounds of the Poznan International Fairs, during the "ProAfrica" Konference, combined with the Republic of Angola day in Poznań. The conference was opened by His Excellency Domingos Culolo, Ambassador of the Republic of Angola.

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    8th Poznań Metropolis Economic Forum

  • forum"Poznań Metropolis - a good brand, joint business". This was the main theme of the 8th Poznań Metropolis Economic Forum that took place on 21-22 April. Close to 400 persons took part in the panel discussions during the two-day event at the Poznan International Fairs.

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    2014 Poznań Entrepreneur Days

  • poznanHow to find inspiration and an idea for one's own company, what is needed in order to register a business activity, how to find sources of financing and partners for your business - this is what each present and future entrepreneur could learn during the Poznań Entrepreneur Days.
    The Poznań Entrepreneur Days are a joint initiative of the City of Poznań, the Poznań Poviat and the Poznań economic and academic circles. The Minister of Economy took patronage over this year's edition.
    In the opinion of the organisers, the Poznań Entrepreneur Days have the following task: inspire one to use one's knowledge and talent to creation one's own career development path, support entrepreneurs and investors, facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience between entrepreneurs, create a positive climate for business development as well as economic cooperation in the local, regional and international scope, promote entrepreneurship through indicating the best entrepreneurs and business projects as examples of success and a model to follow.


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