e-payment for Social Security

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paragraf 270Major changes are ahead for individuals who run small businesses in Poland. From the 1st of January 2018, businesses, entrepreneurs and the self-employed will pay all their contributions with just one bank transfer to an individual contribution account number.

So far business-owners have had to make 3 or even 4 separate transfers each month. Each entrepreneur will receive or has already received a special letter from the Social Security with the new account number.
From the year 2018, the payer will pay the following contributions through this single transfer:
Social insurance (retirement, disability, sickness and accident insurance),
Health insurance,
Labour Fund,
Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund,
Bridge Pension Fund.
This means that they will make only one transfer instead of three or four. They will also incur lower expenses and avoid a lot of errors as they will not need to provide, as is the case now, any identification data in the transfer, including their Taxpayer Identification Number [NIP], Business Identification Number or National Identification Number, and also the period and type of payment.
Owing to the fact that the payee will hold their own contribution account number, the Social Security will register the payments to their account at once. The said payments will automatically be bound to their account (the account of the contribution payer).
The payer will not need to specify in the transfer what contributions they are paying for and for what period. The Social Security will distribute each payment proportionally to all insurances and funds. This will be done based on the contributions for the last month which the payer entered into their social insurance statement or which the Social Security entered if the payee was exempted from its delivery.